Nearly 50 million Americans have no health insurance, and millions more have limited coverage, especially when it comes to prescription medications. Inflated co-payments and the rising costs of prescriptions have made the expense unbearable to many.

Many have turned to drug discount cards in order to save on their prescriptions. These discounts can vary greatly from drug to drug, and pharmacy to pharmacy. Discount cards can be accepted at one location, and not accepted by another, or can save money on one occasion and not the next.

Although these programs can help with the high cost of medications, they have become increasingly more difficult to use. It is difficult to know what the exact savings will be until the pharmacist runs the discount card numbers at the counter upon checkout and the savings could be minimal, or there could even be no savings at all after all of the administrative fees are calculated.

When faced with the cost of the medication at the pharmacy counter, often times the patient then has to make difficult decision between basic living necessities and the cost of drugs in order to maintain their health. These are choices no one should have to make in that moment.

Auldrex is a company created to provide discounted medicines to people who are unable to afford the higher prices. Auldrex is dedicated to passing extremely discounted pricing on a transparent format in order to save the patient from high counter prices and take the guess work out of the cost of the medications. Auldrex actually guarantees it's pricing.
Auldrex is able to do this through aggressive negotiations and mass spending power in order to drive down the prices. Many times the lower pricing is actually less than an insurance plan co-pay.

Through its partnerships with advanced technology systems, Auldrex is capable of bringing the consumer the lowest actual direct pricing available without the customary mark ups that often accompany discounted pricing models. This means Auldrex can pass that savings to the consumer.

Can Auldrex save you money? The only way to know is to shop your prescription with the online pricing tool to find the best pricing available to you.